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Townsville City Council 

Fish Kill

Townsville, Qld


Queensland Sugar Industry,

Odour Control

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Atlas Soils

Organics Conversion

Townsville, Qld

Atlas Soils are a relative new comer to HumiSoil manufacture in Townsville and, over a short period of time, have established their position as leaders in transformation of organic residues into a high value agricultural and horticultural input. 

Jason and his team most notably worked recently on the successful Golf Links Drive rehabilitation project in conjunction with Townsville City Council. 


Natural Disaster Recovery,

Townsville, Qld

Cyclone Yasi hit North Queensland in 2011, causing significant infrastructure damage and generating approximately 1.35 million tonnes of excess organic waste (fallen trees, green and food waste). Council required emergency action to prevent material combustion, combat odour and manage initial digestion of material to preserve public health and safety.

VRM Biologik® immediately responded, resulting in conversion of all organic material into valuable soil resources to rebuild the region.

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