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Over 30 years ago, Ken Bellamy asked a random focus group how they would spend $100 to make a  purchase that helped the environment. Their collective response launched him on a path of discovery that would lead to the identification and patenting of 4 processes that:

  • create a sustained biological reaction (continuous fermentation);

  • capture energy biologically;

  • store energy in biological compounds; and

  • enable water manufacture and hydrogen management.

Practically this knowledge is captured and implemented in agriculture, cleaning, environmental management and animal husbandry. 


The outcomes

Restoration of depleted soils, allowing for the natural accumulation and release of nutrients by plants on demand, enhanced yields and optimal growing without negative impacts

Removal of residues from surfaces that normally harbour growth of undesirable pathogens and viruses

Ecosystem balance to address odour, wastewater and emergency response

Targeted ecosystem management to foster animal health


VRM Biologik® Corporate Brochure (October, 2020)

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