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Ken Bellamy


Ken is the Founder and President of the VRM Biologik® Group. 

A defining element of Ken’s work to date is the development and deployment of mechanisms that stimulate at scale natural biological water manufacture (hydrosynthesis) in dry soil.

Ken’s ultimate objective is to provide a mechanism by which farmers and our soil are truly embraced as central elements in human survival. 

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Kellie Walters


With 22 years as an executive in Government and Commercial roles and a lifelong passion for holistic ecological management, Kellie is uniquely positioned to deliver sustainability as a core operational premise and is universally respected for doing so.

Currently, Kellie drives the implementation and expansion of business programs for the VRM Biologik® Group that deliver ecological, social and financial benefit to farmers and regulators on five continents.

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Gil Napper


Since 2017, Gil has coordinated operations, manufacturing and logistics for the VRM Biologik® Group. 

Traversing the Group's facilities in the United States, Australia and China, his attention to detail ensures that quality management approaches are consistently applied. 

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