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Matt Kangas

Cane Farmer

Abergowrie, Qld

A second generation cane farmer, Matt converted his entire farm to a restorative agriculture approach in 2005 using VRM Biologik® innovation. He was initially looking to get some improvement to his compacted soils and allow for water penetration without spending more, taking more time or creating his own inputs. 

15 years later, Matt has consistently achieved higher than mill average sugar yields, built soil levels on his land by over 600mm and significantly boosted soil water holding capacity. 


Duncan Sturrock, Cattle

Sturrock Grazing, Qld

When Duncan approached VRM Biologik® in 2016, he was looking to improve growing capacity on his vast property plagued with depleted soils and an inability to recover pasture during periods of drought. He uses the VRM Groundswell® process to convert manures to HumiSoil® both for use in pasture improvement for his own growing herd and as a secondary revenue stream for local agricultural buyers looking for ways to improve soil with less synthetic inputs.


Nino, Senior Agronomist for Boehringer Ingelheim, was looking for ways to reduce cost and improve sustained production in a crop known for its susceptibility to dry conditions and disease in poor soil. 

Through both manufacturing HumiSoil® from on farm organic residues and utilising outside inputs, Nino has achieved enhanced drought resistance in his crop, reduced costs and a significant increase in harvested alkaloid - all while improving soil health.

Hemp Seedlings.jpg

Andrew of Rocky Mountain Native Farms elected to use VRM Biologik® approaches in his hemp operation in Platteville Colorado. 

Recognising the link between strong seedlings and resilient plants, HumiSoil® and XLR8® Bio were mixed with a sand soil substrate to support seed germination and early growth.


Greenhouse demonstrations showed rapid emergence of seedlings where VRM treatments were applied.  

Max Haselton 2.jpg

Max Haselton,


Clare, Qld

Max is a second generation corn and field crop farmer from a strong farming family. Commencing with VRM Biologik® in 1999, soil building technology has been an integral component of his land management approach. 

This effort has resulted in sustained, high production. Max's corn is exported globally and is constantly in demand. Premium produce, consistently grown.

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