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Duncan Sturrock,

Cattle Feedlot

Sturrock Grazing, Qld

In addition to a desire to improve the quality of his land, Duncan was seeking a solution to holistically managing the health of his animals. Most pressing was the capacity to deal with the impacts of heat stress and fungal blooms in his feedlot operation. 

Implementation of the Prot3ct® program had a marked impact, dropping ammonia levels in pens and naturally managing outbreaks of footrot.



Kalimantan, Indonesia

Critical to sustainable management of aquaculture operations are:

  • ongoing stability of ecosystem quality;

  • early establishment of pond health; and

  • buffering of the system to prevent proliferation of disease.

This large scale prawn operation in Kalimantan implemented VRM Biologik®'s full approach to sustainable aquaculture, resulting in a drop in mortalities, a significant increase in yield and a simple physical change in locating water input pipes that immediately enhanced water quality throughout the farm. 

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