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Our environmental management product range works to address and amend difficult environmental circumstances, including balancing of wastewater, control of odour and organics digestion during emergency spills, and eliminating odour. Apply according to directions for best results. Contact our expert team for any assistance. 

Bio Range

Paired with Bio-Starter, Bio-Seed stimulates biological reactions and the production of substrates to neutralise odour, metabolise odour generating substances and control the release of hydrogen sulfide and other undesirable by-products in commercial wastewater settings.

Bio-Fort rapidly stimulates reactions responsible for at-source digestion and neutralising of odourous substances. Best used in emergency situations including organic material spills.

Used in partnership with Bio-Starter, Bio-Seed includes specific substrates to assist in odour management for materials containing heavy biological load in water and/or oily residues. Allows the development of fermentative cultures regardless of background material.

This pairing of augmentative formulations act together to improve consistency and reduce the production of noxious gases in In-Vessel Composting units.

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