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Our Prot3ct(R) range has been designed specifically as a probiotic approach to environmental controls in intensive growing situations. Apply according to directions for best results. Contact our expert team for any assistance, and click on the headings below for Product Guides and SDS.

Prot3ct® Range

Bio-Defender (Intensive Horticulture) is a probiotic formulations that provides an early intervention barrier to the proliferation of biological disease agents that attack plantations and horticultural plants in controlled spaces such as greenhouses.

Bio-Defender (Animal Husbandry) acts as a probiotic to provide an early intervention barrier to the proliferation of biological odour and disease agents breeding in rearing sheds and barns. Assists in the management of salmonella, faecal  coliforms, fungal disease outbreaks, hydrogen sulfide production in faeces and nitrogen release from urine.

Bio-Defender (Multi-Feed) is a naturally based general probiotic formulation best used as a fog in commercial and industrial operations to manage odour, including landfill, waste transfer stations and delivery bays for abattoirs. Most effective in an end-to-end cleaning approach tailored for your business by VRM Biologik technicians.

Prot3ct® Mikro Clean is a non-alkali cleaning product designed for wash-down and general cleaning of facilities housing intensive animal husbandry, food processing or plant cultivation. Non-poisonous and relying on established plant extracts for cleaning, lifting of soiled material and management of pathogenic cultures, Prot3ct Mikro Clean®
provides a probiotic approach to help prevent reinfection of surfaces after cleaning.

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