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Major nutrients and trace elements are captured from unused food and deployed in your soil. Click on the headings below for further information.

XLR8® Bio is a probiotic formulation combining the key technologies pioneered by VRM Biologik® for soil enhancement and nutrient management. With continued use, the ongoing stimulation of biological reactions in soil contributes to building of humus and mychorrizal activity in the critical root zone.

XLR8® N is a formulation that stimulates nitrogen sequestration in soil. Important for stem and leaf development. 

XLR8® Ca is a calcium mobiliser that stimulates the biological reactions in soil responsible for the uptake of calcium in grain, fruit and vegetable crops. This product is designed to assist the uptake of calcium needed for fruiting, flowering and ripening of crops.

XLR8® P is a phosphorus mobiliser that stimulates natural biological reactions responsible for solubilising and mobilisation of a pool of available phosphorus in soils. Critical for early root development.

XLR8® K stimulates natural biological reactions responsible for solubilising and mobilisation of a pool of available potassium in soils.

Manufactured using the Groundswell® process, HumiSoil® is an organically based product in which the biological reactions which result in the formation of humus have already been started. This pre-fostering of humus manufacture allows
you to speed up the natural process of humus formation in your soil.

XLR8® Silage promotes low temperature fermentation and stimulation of natural biological reactions in collected cattle feed.

XLR8® cr is a digestion accelerator which targets the reincorporation of crop residues to soil.

XLR8® Rumen is a digestive aid that stimulates natural biological reactions needed for feedstock digestion in ruminant animals.

Groundswell® Multi-feed Accelerator A & B are paired formulations that convert organic material at scale to HumiSoil® in the Groundswell® continuous fermentation process without the wholesale loss of nutrient or production of negative gases as by-products. Best applied to volumes of organic residues (biosolids, green waste, unused foods and more) commencing at 100 tonnes. 

Groundswell® Micro Accelerator is used to convert smaller volumes of organic material (garden waste, unused foods) to a high humus soil enhancer. Suitable for households and community gardens. 

Photon Fuel is a purpose built natural formulation used in the conversion of organic material in Bio-Regen® units. This product is non-poisonous and compatible with the specialised biological processes required to successfully operate the Bio-Regen® program.

Mikro Clean® is a purpose built cleaning product used to clean and maintain Bio-Regen® units. 

Xbio Accelerator A & B are specialised formulations used together to balance raw material harvested from the Bio-Regen® process and complete the assembly of XLR8® Bio.

Bio-Regen® units are a small, purpose built mechanism used in commercial operations to convert unused food into XLR8® Bio, a liquid bio-fertiliser ideal for agriculture and horticulture. 

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